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If you was working with J1 / H2B visa in United States, we can refund your taxes! Sign up today, and get back your taxes as soon as 30days*
Register for taxback at our service provider before your departure, and get a 10% discount from the processing fee.

USA tax refund

If you was working in USA Federal Tax an State Tax was deducted from your earnings. The good news is that almost all of this deducted amount can be refunded. If you are a Work and Travel program participant , or you an H2B employee we can refund it back! Apply now, and get back your taxes as soon as 30days*

How to get the refund

You can apply Online at this link. Our service provider has created an Internet based refund procedure, which enables you to apply for the refund without leaving your home. If you would like to start your income tax refund procedure right now, click this link. All of the tax refund procedures comply with all US Tax Authority rules and regulations.

Missing W2 form

Not an issue for us! If you are missing your W2 form, ask for W2 replacement for as low as 15 USD ! In this case when you are applying online, just click on the W2 replacement, and we will do the rest!

RapidBack procedures

The normal taxback procedure can take up to 5 months. Why would you wait that long? Our RapidBack service offers Fast tax return and Urgent tax return methods. Choose the Urgent tax back procedure and get your tax back as soon as 7 business day for as low as 99 USD, or use our Fast tax back procedure for 33 USD and get back your taxes in 45 days!

Tax refund for as low as 45 USD*

We can refund your taxes for the best rate available in the market. You can check here our fees. To enroll now, click here.

Select where to transfer your refunded taxes

Now the choice is yours. You can select to transfer the refunded amount to any of your bank account. If you prefer the paystub option, you can still choose it.